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Established in 1990 Auto Acoustics was started  with the idea the we could do car stereo better than anyone. After 24 years we have done just that. We have the most experienced staff, The best brands and the best prices of any car stereo store in the area. We have become the local one stop shop for the best automotive upgrades.
DURHAM: 919-493-5473
BURLINGTON: 336-585-0188



  • CD Players
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Factory Radio Repair
  • Installations



  • CD Players
  • Tower Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • LED Lighting
  •  Installations



  • Automotive
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Custom Tinting
  • Free Estimates


car1 You have high expectations from your car audio system so it needs to be installed correctly to look and sound it’s best. Auto Acoustics has earned a reputation for being the place you can take your car, SUV, truck or van with complete confidence and enjoy the highest quality installations, we have been exceeding our customers expectations since 1990 in fact in 2003 two of our Installers were voted top 50 Installers in America by Mobile Electronics Magazine. Your vehicle is one of the largest investments you will make. When it comes to your installation why put your trust in the cheapest bidder? We provide these high-caliber products and services.

  • Superior customer service from the moment you walk in our store through any questions or concerns you may have long after your installation
  • Wide selection of name-brand sound systems, multimedia entertainment systems, I-pod interface, navigation systems, security systems and performance accessories.
  • Clean, well-equipped facility designed to handle any size vehicles and any type of custom installations
  • Fast turn-around time so that you’re not without your vehicle any longer than necessary
  • Wide range of installations – from simple refinements to an existing system, repairs to a system you had installed by another company, to a complete performance and appearance package

Our customers are extremely loyal and vocal about their experiences so much of our business comes from referrals and repeat business. Once Auto Acoustics does an installation for a customer, they eventually install systems for their customers’ family members, friends and colleagues at work. They do this because our customers know they can trust us to treat their vehicles as we would our own cars.

Stop by and visit us to experience our excellent customer service for yourself, we look forward to seeing you soon. Click here to see photos of our work


The entire stereo system in my Jetta failed in the middle of a cross-country trip-- AAARRGGGHH!!!-- so when we got back to Durham I went over to Auto Acoustics to see what my options were. That was the beginning of the saga. The first system I chose, a Blaupunkt high-end model, meant for VWs & other European cars, looked great but was real pricey --$800. After mulling it over, I decided to go for it, and Stan ordered it. He told me he'd call me when he knew when he could get it in... a few days later, he called to say it was discontinued. Grrr. Back to the shop, and with his helpful, no-pressure advice, I chose a much more modest Blaupunkt model without all the bells and whistles. He ordered & installed it and it was a perfect fit. 5-star service all around. About a month later, as I was driving along it suddenly lost the connection and stopped playing --I'd been listening to a podcast on my phone-- and then restarted. This happened a few more times. I went back to Stan, worried that I would have a hard time explaining this crazy experience, but he replaced the whole unit without hesitation. It was 5-star service for sure. Another month went by and on a trip to the mountains I tried to tune in to WPAQ, my favorite Old-Time music station & the only thing I listen to on the AM dial, and was amazed to find there was no signal at all on the AM band. Back to Stan... he quickly found & fixed the error -- something to do with the wiring. 5-star service again! Another month went by and then one day last week the radio display went blank on the first programmed station only (???) AND the display button, which you would normally use to change the display mode, entirely stopped working... it started changing Source, not Display. Weird. Back to Stan again-- this time he swapped out the whole faceplate in about 5 minutes and so I am once again a happy camper. So I've had great service and support from Auto Acoustics and recommend them highly. Blaupunkt- not so much.

Peggy S.
Durham, NC

By far the BEST quality Window Tint jobs I've ever seen!! I'm an automotive enthusiast of many years and critique everything. Most places will leave a gap at the top edge of the window, because they say it will "peel" when rolled up many times, this is NOT true. It peels because of poor quality tint and install. At Auto Acoustics, Rodger (the Tint Guru) takes it all the way to the edge, and it's PERFECT! I've had the same tint on for years, No Fading, No Peeling and No Bubbles!! If you buy a new car from a dealership in the area and want it tinted, there's a good chance that exquisite "factory" look is his craftsmanship. I've taken all my cars to him, and will trust no one else now. He has even done intricate designs and multi-color tint "artwork" in some cases. It's wild! You can check out his talent in the portfolio when you go get your quote. If you want the absolute best, Go See Rodger at Auto Acoustics. You won't be disappointed!

Nate Barton
Repeat Customer